About Us

"Paulownia.BG" Ltd. is the leading Bulgarian company with 10 years of experience in the construction of plantations for industrial production of timber and biomass from Paulownia. In 2008 for the first time in Bulgaria, we delivered and planted 5000 pieces of Paulownia tomentosa as a base material in a licensed forest nursery. The purpose was for industrial biomass and timber production. The supplied seedlings were accompanied by a phytosanitary passport in accordance with the EU requirements. 
We have planted the first lands with Paulownia Shan Tong in Bulgaria and Europe in 2010-2011. On this base, and the experience that we have gained during this period, we produce and offer seedlings from elite plants from the hybrid – root cuttings, seedlings and saplings, utility services related to the whole designing and construction of plantations for industrial production of timber and biomass, including the pre-project examination, planting activities, construction of irrigation system, mulching, ongoing monitoring and care of the plantations.
Our work is following all requirements for phytosanitary control, in accordance with the EU rules, and our team consists of experienced and honest people who will be happy to consult you on all issues.
To be even more useful, among the other services that we offer, we can connect you with our partners from consulting firms who are experienced in the development of investment projects for the establishment of plantations of fast-growing tree species.
We offer supplyment of planting material in the region of Central and Eastern Europe , Central Asia and South America.
You can also visit our demonstration sites located in Bulgaria near Dulovo, Silistra municipality,  where you can see one-year, two-years, three-years and four-years old plantations, with all the "effects" and "defects" that can occur during the growth of the tree. The trees grown there are both for extraction of industrial wood and biomass, as well as for decorative purposes. There, you can also gain practical skills how to care for the plantations in each stage of their development.



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