Our services include:

  • Field inspection and soil analysis;
  • Expertise reports;
  • Tillage;
  • Tracing and marking of the terrain;
  • Planting pits;
  • Planting;
  • Mulching;
  • Design and construction of irrigation systems;
  • Ongoing care using the best manufacturing practices;
  • Purchase of the finished products
Research, preparation of economic rationale, design, construction and activities related to the ongoing professional care of the plantations for the production of quality wood and biomass.
Advice and ongoing monitoring of plantations.
We provide basic propagating material and also technological support / know-how/ for building your own tree nurseries or a co-production.







Research, design and planting services
  • Inspection and audit of the field with field test and an opinion on the suitability for purpose;
  • Tracing and marking the terrain according to the technological task;
  • Preparing the propagating pits with specialized equipment with a diameter of> 600mm. and h> 700 mm;
  • Before the planting – adding manure and / or other additives supplied / required by the contracting authority;
  • Delivery to the site, storage and of planting seedlings; 
  • Subsequent cultivation;
  • Initial watering with mobile unit while performing the propagating activities;
  • Originally pruning of the plantation;
  • Warranty service: includes replacement of compromised plants, in the case of complex service with a delivery.  
Elaboration of a sampling plan for planting according to the required TERMS AND CONDITIONS for afforestation of forest areas and agricultural lands used to create a special, protecting and managed forests and for forests in protected territories, inventory of created culture, their reporting and registration. 





Service activities for “Research, design and planting”

Construction of irrigation system and mulching services 
  • Proper filter systems equipped with control devices;
  • Injectors for fertilization;
  • Base pipelines for multiuse;
  • Strap drip hose-pipe considered with the area, the water sources and the planned irrigation norms;
  • Binding fitments, fittings, valves, buffer tanks.
The mulching includes:
  • Preparing and grading of the terrain for laying mulch foil;
  • Delivery and laying of the mulch foil- black / silver.   





Service activities for “Construction of irrigation system and mulching”

Ongoing care of the plantation services
Includes all the necessary actions and agronomic techniques, which are technologically required and currently needed to maintain the plantation in the objective form, in accordance with the best cultivation practices, including:
  • Soil analysis; 
  • Weed control;
  • Irrigation;
  • Fertilization;
  • Agrochemical activities;
  • Tillage;
  • Sprouting;
  • Including all necessary materials, fertilizers, supplies / including fuel / and technologies.              




Service activities for “Ongoing care of the plantation”

Current technical and technological advice services
Includes all necessary instructions concerning activities, techniques and practices – the “what”, “when” and “how” should be applied on timely manner depending on the stage and status of development of the plants and the purpose of the investment.
To be even more useful, among the other services that we offer, we can connect you with our partners from consulting firms who are experienced in the development of investment projects for the establishment of plantations of fast-growing tree species.
Availability for demonstrations and training in our sample nurseries.




Service activities for “Current technical and technological advice”