Functional Use

The Paulownia wood has different properties and is widely used.
  • Multiple uses of the woodPaulownia wood is used for the production of traditional musical instruments, sculptures, small appliances and domestic products.
  • Houses from Paulownia woodIn the United States many comfortable houses or offices with a high degree of insulation are offered from the Paulownia wood.
  • PlywoodThe light weight makes it an excellent material for the production of plywood. The surface of the plywood is waterproof, making it ideal for application where there is contact with water.
  • FurnitureThe wood is often used for the production of furniture.
  • Biomass for ethanolThe world need of ethanol as a partial substitute of fuels is growing with phenomenal temps therefore an alternative for its production is required. Biomass can be used under several forms.
  • Biomass for ethanolDirectly burned to produce heat; For the production of pellets for cogeneration; In the pyrolysis process for the production of gas and liquid fuel; Iin the production of ethanol by the process of Brelsford hydrolysis.
  • FiberFrom the Paulownia an excellent chemical pulp is being produces with quality much better than the other fast-growing deciduous tree species.
  • LipidsOil is being extracted from the Paulownia for the production of lacquers.
  • javascript sliderThe leaves are used to produce feed for cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, rabbits and more. Their nutritional value is close to that of lucerne. They contain 20% proteins and are with assimilation to 60%.
  • Beekeeping This precious wood is melliferous – providing pollen and nectar for bees.
Multiple uses of the wood1 Houses from Paulownia wood2 Plywood3 Furniture4 Biomass for ethanol5 Biomass for ethanol6 Fiber7 Lipids8 In Livestock9 Beekeeping 10
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